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Based on the successes of Main Street Montana, the Rural Partners is to create a partnership between state agencies and local leaders in rural communities, bridge resource and capacity gaps, and act as a ‘matchmaker’ across the state to connect communities with similar challenges and opportunities and share resources and information. While the initiative will not include any new state funding, it will work to draw upon existing resources from a broad range of partners.

Rural Pathways is a locally driven, grass roots, non-partisan approach to economic development in rural and tribal communities. To ensure our actions reflect this localized scope, the work of Rural Pathways will be based on a core set of principles:

  • Use existing data and programs;
  • Use local priorities and meet the community where they are;
  • Lead with opportunities and assets; and
  • Leverage State agencies and other Rural communities.

Leaders in rural and tribal communities know what their communities need to thrive. We will work to break down silos in state government to get the communities the support they need and deserve. 

Community Partners

To begin delivering productive partnerships and action as soon as possible, Rural Pathways’ initial work is focusing on communities that are already engaging with the state on projects or have local projects in which the state can help bring to fruition. There will be an initial 6 partnerships with communities, which will be selected based on their capacity and level of clarity and readiness to proceed with project(s).

Check back soon for to learn more about our initial partnerships. 


For questions about the Main Street Montana- Rural Partners project or how you and your community can be involved please contact Elisa Fiaschetti at or 406-444-5472


Please check back soon for resources.