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Governor Steve Bullock initiated the Main Street Montana Project in early 2013 by enlisting the services of two of Montana's most respected and accomplished business leaders: Larry Simkins, CEO of the Washington Companies, and Bill Johnstone, CEO of D.A. Davidson Companies. 

The goal of the project was and is to create a dynamic private-public partnership to build and implement a business plan for Montana by Montanans. Over the course of approximately one year, Larry and Bill worked with members of Governor Bullock's administration to engage in a process of soliciting broad input and engagement from the private sector, as well as conducting research regarding Montana's economy - its strengths and challenges. More than 3,000 Montanans provided input through participating in a series of regional roundtable meetings and completing surveys.

The Main Street Montana Project plan was released in early April 2014. It identifies five Pillars upon which the plan is built:

1. Train and Educate Tomorrow's Workforce Today
2. Create a Climate that Attracts, Retains and Grows Businesses
3. Build upon Montana's Economic Foundation
4. Market Montana
5. Nurture Emerging Industries and Encourage Innovation

The Main Street Montana Project is a dynamic and ongoing process. As it is implemented, its progress will be monitored and assessed. Adjustments will be made in light of input received, and lessons learned from implementation efforts. Annual reports will be issued.


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