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Led by Niles Hushka, President and CEO of KLJ Engineering, and Bob Rowe, President and CEO of Northwestern Energy, the Energy and Utilities Key Industry Network (KIN) will be asked to identify both opportunities for and challenges to growth in Montana's energy and utility industries. Members of this KIN will discuss and formulate goals and objectives that will facilitate growth and prosperity in the industry.

Meeting Agendas, Minutes, and Reports:

Energy and Utilities KIN Final Recommendations

MEIA Final Letter

12/16/15 KIN Meeting Minutes
12/16/15 KIN Meeting Agenda

10/26/15 Energy KIN Catch Up Call Agenda
10/26/15 Energy KIN Catch Up Call Minutes

10/02/15 MFSA Need, Alignment, Eminent Domain Agenda
10/02/15 MFSA Need, Alignment, Eminent Domain Minutes

8/27/15 MFSA Mile Wide Corridor Group Discussion Agenda
8/27/15 MFSA Mile Wide Corridor Group Discussion Minutes

7/6/15 MFSA Meeting Agenda
7/6/15 MFSA Meeting Notes

5/28/15 KIN Meeting Agenda
5/28/15 KIN Meeting Minutes

March 2015 Energy and Utilities Update
03/05/15 - KIN Meeting Agenda
03/05/15 - KIN Meeting Minutes

12/10/14 - Group A Call Agenda
Group A Minutes
12/11/14 - Group B Call Agenda
Group B Minutes
12/12/14 - Group C Call Agenda
Group C Minutes
12/15/14 - Group D Call Agenda
Group D Minutes
12/18/14 - Group F Call Agenda
Group F Minutes

09/22/14 - KIN Meeting Agenda
09/22/14 - KIN Meeting Notes
09/22/14 - Action Plan

KIN Resources:

Main Street Montana Project Status Update

Presentation: Establishing Local Capital Markets

Regulatory and Permitting Information Desktop Toolkit (RAPID)

RAPID Toolkit

Presentation: Economy in the Big Sky | Census & Economic Information Center, Montana Department of Commerce

Report: Labor Day Report 2015 | Department of Labor & Industry

Montana Interactive Energy Map | Census & Economic Information Center, Montana Department of Commerce

KIN Membership:

Bob Rowe, Northwestern Energy, Butte (Co-Chair)
Niles Hushka, Bismarck North Dakota (Co-Chair)
Dan Berube, (Retired) CEO, Montana Power Company, Butte
Carl Borgquist, Absaroka Energy, Bozeman
Rich Budde, Corval Group, Billings
Henry Dykema, Sundance Solar Systems, LLC, Red Lodge
Corey Goulet, Transcanada, Calgary
Kathy Hadley, National Center for Appropriate Technology, Butte
Bob Harris, Western Area Power Administration, Billings
Mark Johnson, Flathead Electric, Kalispell
John Kappes, Mountain Water Missoula, Missoula
Ryan Lance, Conoco Phillips, Houston, TX
Brian Lipscomb, Energy Keepers, Inc., Polson
Elliot Mainzer, Bonneville Power Administration, Portland, OR
Chris McCall, Compass Wind, Denver, CO
Robert McFarlane, Enbridge, Toronto
Joe Micheletti, Westmore Coal Company, Englewood, CO
Frank Morehouse, Montana Dakota Utilities, Bismark, ND
Alan Olson, Sanjel, Roundup
Don Prevost, Lower Yellowstone Rural Electric Association, Inc., Sidney
Ben Reed, Winpower West, Billings
Phil Rykhoek, Denbury Resources, Plano, TX
Jose Maria Sanchez Seara, NaturEner, San Francisco, CA
Craig Wilkins, ViZn Energy, Columbia Falls