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For Montana by Montanans
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Led by Donald Beeman, former CEO of LigoCyte, and Jason Corbally, President of Edulog, the Innovation and Technology (KIN) will be asked to identify both opportunities for and challenges to growth in Montana's technology industry. Members of this KIN will discuss and formulate goals and objectives that will facilitate growth and prosperity in the industry.

Meeting Agendas, Minutes, and Reports:

Innovation and Technology KIN Final Recommendations

Meeting Agenda - 12/8/15
Meeting Minutes - 12/8/15

Meeting Minutes 3/18/15

02/01/15 - Action Plan

10/29/14 - Meeting Agenda
10/29/14 - Meeting Minutes
SWOT Analysis

KIN Resources:

Main Street Montana Project Update, December 2015

GIS Education at Montana Universities

Presentation: Establishing Local Capital Markets

Presentation: Economy in the Big Sky | Census & Economic Information Center, Montana Department of Commerce

Report: Labor Day Report 2015 | Department of Labor & Industry

Edulog University of Montana Saudi Programs

Survey Results

KIN Membership:

Don Beeman, Retired, Former CEO of LigoCyte (now Takeda Vaccines), Bozeman (Co-Chair)

Jason Corbaaly, President, Edulog, Missoula (Co-Chair)

Tom Acevedo, CEO, S&K Technologies, St. Ignatius

Sherri Davidoff, Founder, LMG Security, Missoula

Brett Baker, President/CEO, Microbion, Bozeman

Kevin Davis, President, Big Sky Commerce, Missoula

Rob Bargatze, Vice President Science, Takeda Vaccines, Bozeman

Chad DeLong, Executive Vice President, Sustainable Efficiency, Inc., Hamilton

Kathy Boelter, Owner, Arrow Solutions Group, Billings

Chris Dimock, Co-Founder, Elation Corp., Billings

Bob Clay, Chief Technology Officer, onXmaps, Missoula

Andrew Hull, President, Elixiter, Bozeman

Phillip Curtiss, Founder, Siafu Technology, Butte

Curt Jacobson, CEO, Corporate Technology Group, Missoula

Larry Johnson, President, Montana Photonics Industry Alliance, Bozeman

James Stephens, Co-CEO/Chief Scientific Officer, Blue Marble Biomaterials, Missoula

Mike Knauf, CEO, Rivertop Renewables, Missoula

Tom Stergios, VP, Advanced Technology Group, Missoula Solutions Center, Missoula

Chris Nelson, CEO, Zoot Enterprises, Bozeman

David Taylor, Consultant, Bozeman

Alex Philp, President, GCS Research, Missoula

Lance Trebesch, CEO, Ticket River, Harlowtown

David Poulsen, Chief Scientific Officer, Sinapis Pharma, Biomedical & Pharmaceutical Sciences, Skaggs School of Pharmacy, College of Health Professions & Biomedical Science, University of Montana, Missoula

Jeff Trom, Chief Technology Officer, Workiva, Bozeman

Anne Marie Quinn, CEO, Montana Molecular, Bozeman

David Vap, Group Vice President, Oracle, Bozeman

Diane Smith, CEO, American Rural, Whitefish

Walter Wunsch, CEO, SPECTEC, Emigrant