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Led by K.C. Walsh, President of Simms Fishing Products, and Mike and Bert Robins, Founder and Co-Founder of SeaCast, Inc., the Manufacturing Key Industry Network (KIN) will be asked to identify both opportunities for and challenges to growth in Montana's manufacturing industry. Members of this KIN will discuss and formulate goals and objectives that will facilitate growth and prosperity in the industry.

Meeting Agendas, Minutes, and Reports:

Manufacturing KIN Final Recommendations

11/05/2015 - Meeting Agenda
11/05/2015 - Meeting Minutes

05/27/15 - Meeting Agenda
05/27/15 - Meeting Minutes

03/06/15 - Meeting Agenda
03/06/15 - Meeting Minutes

09/26/14 - Meeting Agenda
09/26/14 - Meeting Minutes

Group A minutes
Group B Minutes
Group C Minutes
Group E Minutes

09/16/15 - Montana Finance Assistance Programs for Manufacturers Agenda

KIN Resources:

Main Street Montana Project Status Report, Power Point Presentation, 11/5/2015 Manufacturing KIN Meeting
Montana Manufacturing Extension Center Update Presentation
KIN Action Plan Power Point
KIN Status Report
Manufacturing KIN Action Plan, May 2015
Presentation - Montana Tax Climate and Incentives
Montana Finance Assistance for Manufacturers Webinar, 9/16/2015
Listing - Montana Tax Climate and Incentives
Presentation - Establishing Local Capital Markets
Presentation: Economy in the Big Sky - Manufacturing Focus | Census & Economic Information Center, Montana Department of Commerce
Report: Labor Day Report 2015 | Montana Department of Labor & Industry

KIN Membership:

K.C. Walsh, Simms Fishing Products, Bozeman (Co-Chair)

Bert Robbins, SeaCast Inc., Marysville, Wa. (Co-Chair)

Mike Robbins, SeaCast Inc., Marysville, Wa. (Co-Chair)

Neal Blossom, American Chemet Corporation, East Helena

Gary Byers, Creative Sales, Columbia Falls

John Elsberry, Crazy Creek Products, Red Lodge

Britt Fred, Northwest Paint, Bonner

Ken Green, Timberline Tool, Whitefish

Mike Groff, PDM, Manhattan

Jim Haider, GTUIT, Billings

Larry Hall, S&K Electronics, Ronan

Bill Harp, General Mills, Great Falls

Doug Hein, ATK Accessories-Plastics Center, Manhattan

Susan Humble, Anderson Steel, Great Falls

Ken Johnson, CM Manufacturing, Missoula

Tracy Lofstrom, CleanWaste, Belgrade

Casey Malmquist, SmartLam, Whitefish

Jim Markel, Red Oxx Manufacturing, Townsend

Pat Miller, PFM Manufacturing, Townsend

Karl Moritz, Lattice Materials, Bozeman

Steve Muellner, Montana Silversmiths, Columbus

Scott Ogeka, West Paw Designs, Bozeman

Eric Smith, Boeing-Helena, Helena

Spencer Williams, West Paw Design, Bozeman

Bryan Wood, Wood's Powr-Grip, Laurel

Jim Wright, Proof Research, Columbia Falls