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Led by Jason Matheny, Chairman and CEO of Davis Transport, Inc., and Thomas Walsh, President and CEO of Montana Rail Link, Inc., the Transportation Key Industry Network (KIN) will be asked to identify both opportunities for and challenges to growth in Montana's transportation industry. Members of this KIN will discuss and formulate goals and objectives that will facilitate growth and prosperity in the industry.

KIN Resources:

Presentation: Economy in the Big Sky | Census & Economic Information Center, Montana Department of Commerce

Report: Labor Day Report 2015 | Department of Labor & Industry

Upcoming Meeting: 10/7/2016

Meeting Agenda:

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Transportation KIN Action Plan:

Previous Meetings:

  • 7/15/16

Meeting Agenda:



  • Tom Walsh, President, Montana Rail Link (Co-Chair)
  • Jason Matheny, President, Davis Transport Inc. (Co-Chair)
  • Bill Lloyd, Transporation Business Unit Manager
  • Carla Allen, General Manager, Central Montana Railroad
  • John Pavsek, Senior Transporation Engineer, Morrison-Maierle, Inc.
  • John Shoff, Western States Division Manager, DOWL HKM
  • Kathy Fasso, Manager, Port of Montana
  • Jim Lewis, Montana Rail Link
  • Larry Bonderud, Mayor/Manager, City of Shelby
  • Michael O'Hara, Owner, O'Hara Land and Cattle
  • Jeremiah Lemons, Old Castle Materials
  • Steven Baeth, Project Manager, Knife River
  • Eric Phillips, Senior Vice President-Pricing and Revenue Management, Delta
  • David Freeman, Executive Vice President of Operations, BNSF
  • Matt Jones, Regional Director Public Affairs, BNSF
  • Gary Hooper, Chief Executive Officer, Neptune Aviation
  • Sten Solberg, President, Jones Brothers Trucking
  • Dave Gardner, Vice President of Maintenance, Mergenthaler Transfer and Storage
  • Scott Weiss, Managing Partner, DTS Logistics