A Business Plan for Montana by Montanans

For Montana by Montanans
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The Main Street Montana Project Report is a blueprint for action. Accordingly, the report takes each pillar and identifies a series of more specific goals, objectives and tasks, as well as implementation leaders.  The Governor's Office plays a key leadership role in every objective in this report.

To achieve results, this project requires substantial and on-going engagement, assistance and support from the private sector.  To this end, the report identifies twelve Key Industry Networks ("KINs").  Recognized leaders in each network are being identified as the plan is implemented.  Examples include helping align our educational system with job opportunities and needs, supporting apprenticeship programs, working to identify and reduce unnecessary regulation, and providing insight into tax policy.

The key industry networks are certainly not the exclusive source of private sector involvement (trade groups and other business and community organizations; entities and individuals will have roles), but they will be essential.

The report also includes a discussion of each region and tribal community.  Each has unique challenges and opportunities. We believe many of the principles embodied in the pillars, as well as the more detailed goals and action steps we have outlined, will support and promote economic development and job creation in the regions and Indian Country.  However, we believe local communities are in the best position to develop the specific goals, strategies and initiatives that are best suited to their situation.

Many of the report's ideas and initiatives may be accomplished without legislative change.  Some will require action by the legislature. We look forward to continuing the bipartisan work of the Main Street Montana Project in the Montana Legislature and with elected officials.

We want tangible results. Measurable goals, monitoring and follow-up are critical to sustain the Main Street Montana Project. In 2015, our team will issue the first annual report that chronicles and measures the successes and shortcomings of executing the blueprint in 2014; reflects the input and engagement of various constituencies; and outlines a revised plan for continuing to move forward. These reports will continue to be issued annually in order to assure there is an ongoing process to monitor the success, and adjust the strategies of this project.

The enthusiastic participation of Montanans throughout the state far exceeded our initial expectations in May 2013. As we implement the plan, we want to continue that effective collaboration. With the continued input and commitment of our fellow Montanans, we will make this blueprint a reality.