Department of Environmental Quality

Alternative Energy Revolving Loan Program (AERLP)

The Alternative Energy Revolving Loan Program (AERLP) provides low-interest loans to increase investments in alternative energy systems and energy conservation measures in Montana. Alternative energy systems” are defined in Montana law as “the generation system or equipment used to convert energy sources into usable sources using fuel cells that do not require hydrocarbon fuel, geothermal systems, low-emission wood or biomass, wind, photovoltaics, geothermal, small hydropower plants under 1 megawatt, and other recognized non-fossil forms of energy generation.” (15-32-102, Montana Code Annotated)

Maximum Award Amount


Cost Matching

No down payment required

Eligible Applicants

Individuals, Businesses, Nonprofits, Local Governments, and Universities. (All projects must be located in Montana)

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