Department of Commerce

Coal Board Program

The Coal Board is administratively attached to the Department of Commerce. The seven-member board awards funds to is to assist local governmental units that have been required to expand the provision of public services as a consequence of large-scale development of coal mines and coal-using energy complexes or as a consequence of a major decline in coal mining or in the operation of coal-using energy complexes, to assist in the construction and reconstruction of designated portions of highways that serve the area affected by the large-scale development, to support county land planning, and to support public schools throughout the state.

The Board considers applications and awards Coal Board Impact grants to counties, communities, school districts, Indian Tribes, or other governmental units to assist them in adequately providing governmental services or facilities that are needed as a direct consequence of an increase or decrease in coal development or in the consumption of coal by an coal-using energy complex.

Maximum Award Amount

Based on availability of funds

Cost Matching


Eligible Applicants

Counties, communities, school districts, tribal governments, or other governmental units

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