Department of Commerce

Community Development Block (CDBG) Planning Grants

Planning Grants support long-term sustainability planning for housing, infrastructure, community facilities, and economic development. Planning grants may be used for the creation or update of community plans, studies, training, research, or strategies such as a: Growth Policy, comprehensive Capital Improvement Plan (CIP), zoning regulations, Downtown Revitalization or Master Plan, ADA Self-Assessment Plan, Business Plans, and many more.

Maximum Award Amount


Cost Matching


Eligible Applicants

Montana cities, towns, and counties with populations under 50,000. Local governments may apply on behalf of special purpose districts, unincorporated areas, public school districts, non-profit or for-profit organizations.

*** Tribal governments are not eligible for state CDBG funds, but they do have access to federal CDBG funding directly through HUD (ICDBG). Additionally, local governments may apply for state CDGB funding on their behalf.

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