US Department of Agriculture

Farm Labor Housing Direct Loans and Grants

This program provides affordable financing to develop housing for year-round and migrant or seasonal domestic farm laborers. Construction, improvement, repair and purchase of housing for domestic farm laborers is the primary objective of this program.

Maximum Award Amount

  • Low interest loans
  • Grants based on need and may not exceed 90% of project cost

Cost Matching

Not required

Eligible Applicants

This program assists qualified applicants that cannot obtain commercial credit on terms that will allow them to charge rents that are affordable to low-income tenants. Borrowers must have sufficient qualifications and experience to develop and operate the project. Qualified applicants include:

  • Farmers, associations of farmers and family farm corporations
  • Associations of farmworkers and nonprofit organizations
  • Most State and local governmental entities
  • Federally-recognized Tribes

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