Department of Natural Resources and Conservation

Renewable Resource Grant and Loan (RRGL) Program Project Grants

The Renewable Resource Program provides funding for projects that conserve, manage, develop or preserve Montana’s renewable resources are eligible for funding. Numerous public facility projects including drinking water, wastewater and solid waste development and improvement projects have received funding through this program. Other renewable resource projects that have been funded include irrigation rehabilitation, dam repair, soil and water conservation and forest enhancement.

The purpose of the Renewable Resource Public Loan Program is to provide a source of loan funding to governmental entities, including Irrigation Districts, for projects that provide for or improve the conservation, management, development, or protection of Montana’s renewable resources.  The program also provides a source of loan funding for public infrastructure projects that are not eligible for funding through the State Revolving Fund or other loan programs but do provide renewable resource benefits.


Maximum Award Amount


Loans are limited by the applicant’s debt capacity

Cost Matching


Eligible Applicants

Eligible Applicants include political subdivisions of state, local and tribal government including state agencies and universities, counties, incorporated cities and towns, conservation districts, irrigation districts, water/sewer/solid waste districts, and Tribes

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