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Tourism Grant Program

The Tourism Grant Program awards funds to projects that strengthen Montana’s economy through the development and enhancement of the State’s tourism and recreation industry. Funds are awarded annually to projects that develop and enhance tourism and recreation products that have the potential to increase non-resident visitation.

The Tourism Grant Program announces a special application cycle to award funds of $5,000 up to $25,000 for an event to be held in Montana by an eligible entity.  The purpose of this grant is to attract non-resident or out-of-area resident visitors to the event enhancing attendance and increasing visitor generated revenues.

Grant funds are available for either the creation of a new event or to make an on-going event more successful. Eligible events are those held for entertainment, arts, and destination brand events that fit within the following categories: Attendance Event: creating or further developing a lifestyle event that generate attendance at and complete the Montana activity experience; Enrichment Event: activities that enhance the experiences of visitors and residents through cultural and/or heritage activities; Destination Development Event: generating cost effective product development and destination brand awareness through media exposure. These grants are available each year based on availability of funds, please check funding website for details.

Maximum Award Amount


Cost Matching


Eligible Applicants

Cities, counties, tribal governments, and non-profit organizations.

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