Little Shell Tribe

The Little Shell Tribe is headquartered in Great Falls and has more than 5,400 members across Montana. After years of pushing for federal recognition, in December 2019, the Little Shell Tribe finally became a federally recognized tribe. Federal recognition will open a number of opportunities for the Tribe including access to federal funding, medical and elder care access, a tribal college, and land.

On July 9, Lt. Governor Cooney, Jason Smith, Director of Governor’s Office of Indian Affairs, Tara Rice, Director of Depart. of Commerce, Kathleen O’Leary, Deputy Commissioner of Dept. of Labor & Industry, and Elisa Fiaschetti, Governor’s Office of Economic Development, met with stakeholders from the Little Shell Tribe to discuss the community’s accomplishments and successes, as well as their challenges and roadblocks.

Rural Partners Highlights

During the Rural Partners visit we discussed priorities, and the challenges and opportunities to reaching these priorities were identified and discussed. These included:

  • Receiving Federal Recognition
  • Travertine Quarry Development
  • Language Program

As a follow-up to the July visit, Rural Partners has continued to work with the tribe to make appropriate connections, provide resources, and identify potential next steps. In the meeting notes, there are a number of resources and examples to provide assistance and advance opportunities.