Key Industry Network

An essential component of the Implementation of the Main Street Montana Project is the establishment of Key Industry Networks (KINs).

Each of the KINs was comprised of leading business persons within that sector, from throughout the state. Using the Project’s five pillars as the frame of reference, the KINS were tasked with identifying the priorities that are most essential to the success of the businesses within their sector.
Each KIN developed a report and set of recommendations. Out of the over 300 recommendations that come out of the KIN process, to-date 80% of the recommendations have either been accomplished or initiated.

Many of the recommendations went beyond individual KIN boundaries and applied across the spectrum of KINs, therefore, many of the accomplishments met various KIN recommendations.

A major accomplishment of the Main Street Montana Project which addressed a number of recommendations, across the KINs, was the dramatic expansion in work-based learning including apprenticeships and mentorships. Additionally, the Montana Department of Labor & Industry (MTDLI) has made tremendous strides during this administration in workforce development. Over $40 million in new funding was secured for workforce development including:

  • MT HealthCare project funded for $15 million from US Department of Labor (US DOL) for health are workforce development
  • RevUp grant funded for $25 Million from US DOL for manufacturing and energy industrial workforce development

Another accomplishment of the project that met numerous KIN recommendations was the repeal and streamlining of ARMS and processes. As of summer 2016, 460 agency and board rules had been repealed and 1,452 were revised to make state government more efficient and effective.