Mapping Rural Innovation

Communities across the state are finding successful and unique ways to spur economic growth and improve quality of life. As part of the Governor’s Main Street Montana Rural Partners project, we reached out to communities to compile success stories and start a dialogue surrounding best practices across various subjects. This project serves to acknowledge each community’s hard work, while also providing a resource for other cities and towns to learn from. Check out the completed whitepapers below.

Community Engagement, Local Capacity, and Innovation



Funding Strategies: Using TIF’S, TEDD’s, TBID’s and Resort Tax Revenue




Stay tuned for additional whitepapers on topics including childcare facilities, cooperative business models, trail systems, and more.

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We want to hear your community story. Our goal is to learn from one another so that we can all benefit and succeed. What success stories can you tell about your community that can be shared with others to connect, learn, and emulate to make their own communities thrive.

Tell us your story. What is your community doing to increase economic and community development goals? What projects has your community accomplished that increase economic vitality, business opportunities, and/or quality of life? What programs (local, state, federal, private) did you use to accomplish these projects?

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