Community Partners

In Fall 2018, the Main Street Montana-Rural Partners Project held roundtable meetings to meet with community leaders and stakeholders in Troy, Choteau, Glendive, Lincoln, Harlowton, and Glasgow. Lieutenant Governor Cooney and Main Street Montana-Rural Partners Chair, Lance Trebesch (CEO + Eventgroove) along with state agency representatives, visited these communities with the goal of listening and learning about the work each community is doing to increase economic opportunities, and how the state can assist.

Rural Partners continues to work with each Community Partner on a regular basis. We continue to connect communities with resources, both state and federal, that can help move projects forward. We have also connected communities across the state with one another to share lessons learned and successes on similar projects. Some of the successes may seem small, but these small steps move communities forward. Rural Partners has been successful at helping advance short-term accomplishments towards long term community goals.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began in March, we have continued to reach out the communities to offer assistance and resources, both COVID and non-COVID related. Although we were unable to hold additional Community Partner meetings this summer, as planned, we will continue to work with existing Community Partners and rural communities throughout the remainder of the administration. See some of the notable outcomes of the project here.