Glasgow Campbell Lodge,

The City of Glasgow is located along the hi-line of northeastern Montana. Traditionally a railroad town, Glasgow is rich in history and the tight-knit community is the largest in Valley County and serves as an economic and cultural hub for more rural populations in the region. Less than 20 miles away from Glasgow is Fort Peck Dam, the largest hydraulically filled earth dam in the world- measuring 21,026 feet long and 250.5 feet high. The reservoir is truly spectacular and offers more than 50 different species of fish from walleye to Chinook.

With a community brand, “More of What Matters,” Glasgow is working hard to rebrand itself and increase economic growth. From a developing a Downtown Master Plan to a Wayfinding Plan, Glasgow is promoting its main street to both residents and visitors.

In October 2018, Lt. Governor Cooney and Main Street Montana-Rural Partners Chair, Lance Trebesch (CEO + Eventgroove), along with Sean Becker (Business Assistance Bureau Chief, Office of Tourism and Business Development, Montana Department of Commerce) and Elisa Fiaschetti (Rural Community Development Manager, Governor’s Office of Economic Development) met with stakeholders from Glasgow to discuss the community’s accomplishments and successes, as well as their challenges and roadblocks., and see how the state could assist.

Rural Partners Highlights

During the Rural Partners visit to Glasgow, we discussed priorities, and the challenges and opportunities to reaching these priorities were identified and discussed. These included:

  • Wayfinding and signage
  • Infrastructure- 6th St underpass
  • Condition of the train depot
  • St. Marie
  • Housing
  • Education & Workforce
  • Broadband

As a follow-up to the October visit, Rural Partners has continued to work with Glasgow to identify additional challenges and opportunities, make appropriate connections, provide resources, and identify potential next steps. In December 2018, Glasgow received a tourism grant from the MT Department of Commerce to being it’s Wayfinding project. Rural Partners is helping the community with next steps, including connecting them with Montana Department of Transportation staff to ensure collaboration with the agency moving forward.