Cityscape of Glendive

Tucked between the badlands of Makoshika State Park and the Yellowstone River, Glendive offers a wide range of recreational activities, including unique Paddlefishing during the early summer months. Visitors from around the west travel to Glendive to visit the State’s largest state park, Makoshika, to see the stunning badland formations that house dinosaur fossils from the Tyrannosaurus Rex to Triceratops. As the largest Rural Partners community, with a population of about 5,000 in City limits and an addition 2,500 residing in West Glendive, Glendive is considered the hub city of the inland agricultural areas of eastern Montana and western North Dakota.

On October 19, 2018, Lt. Governor Cooney and Main Street Montana-Rural Partners Chair, Lance Trebesch (CEO + Eventgroove), along with Sean Becker (Business Assistance Bureau Chief, Office of Tourism and Business Development, Montana Department of Commerce) and Elisa Fiaschetti (Rural Community Development Manager, Governor’s Office of Economic Development) met with stakeholders from Glendive to discuss the community’s accomplishments and successes, as well as their challenges and roadblocks. The Main Street Montana-Rural Partners Project will continue to work with Glendive to make necessary connections with state and private partners, help provide access to state resources, and continue to have conversations with the community about their needs and priorities.

Rural Partners Highlights

Hell Creek Music and More

During the Rural Partners visit to Glendive, challenges and opportunities for the community were identified and discussed. These included:

  • Annexation of West Glendive
  • Recycling
  • Mental health and lack of mental health facilities
  • Negative perception of community
  • Tourism and outdoor recreation
    • Makoshika State Park
  • Breaking down silos and convening groups

A major challenge for Glendive was that there were various groups working on their own projects and initiatives, in their own silos without communication with one another. Out of the Rural Partners meeting, the community has formed a working group which will meet monthly to work on community and economic development projects.